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Credit and debit cards are popular, convenient, flexible, and have become increasingly important in business commerce. If your business is considering what forms of payment to accept, or if you'd like to expand the payment options of your  business, be sure to go over the pros and cons of payment options.


Need assistance with planning? We've got you and your business goals and objectives in mind. Put your needs in expert hands.  We can show you how to make payment for your services or goods convient to your customers and secure and profitable to your Business.

When dealing with your money you want a company that will help you & in whom you can trust.  Be it a chargeback,  merchant account change or a change in your processing needs we can and will help till your needs are met. 









Our MLS Direct Network, Inc is a registered ISO/MSP of First National Bank of Omaha and Chase Paymentech Solutions, LLC, Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Walnut Creek, CA and is the means through which we fullfilld all merchant accounts needs.
We provide Cash Loans or Advance - Check Processing - Gift Card Programs - Prepaid & Bill Pay Programs - Cash Registers - ATM Cash Machines Repeat Billing - Internet Gateways - Terminal Repairs & supplies.